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VYD: On August 20th, 2011, Viet Youth for Democracy sent a letter to Science’s Editorial Board regarding the misleading map of the Southeast Asia Sea (also known as South China Sea) in Dr. Peng Xizhe’s article entitled “China’s Demographic History and Future Challenges” that was published in Science Magazine on July 29, 2011. In the most recent issue on September 30th, 2011, Science published the Editor’s Note regarding this matter on page 1824. Please click here for Vietnamese translation.


Editor’s Note

IN THE REVIEW “CHINA’S DEMOGRAPHIC history and future challenges” in the 29 July special section on Population (1), Fig. 1 showed a map of the South China Sea. We have become aware that some readers are interpreting the publication of this map as a statement by Science on the maritime borders marked in the image. This is not the case.

Science’s policy, found on the masthead page of each issue, states that “all articles published in Science—including editorials, news and comment, and book reviews—are signed and reflect the individual views of the authors and not official points of view adopted by AAAS or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated.” Science does not have a position with regard to jurisdictional claims in the area of water included in the map. We are reviewing our map acceptance procedures to ensure that in the future Science does not appear to endorse or take a position on territorial/jurisdictional disputes.                  


  1. X. Peng, Science 333, 581 (2011).

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